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Homunculus (lat.) is a small human-like creature from medieval European alchemy and folklore. It was considered possible to conceive a tiny living man or a woman from blood and sperm.


The human head recreated from a mold of an authentic antique German Frozen Charlotte-type doll from my personal collection (the antiques' dealer stated that it was found during excavations in Thuringia). The heads were lightly modified while still in wax.


Rare shape of keshi freshwater pearls looked to me as a perfect choice for these creatures' bodies. I choose all my pearls in person at the boutique of a trustworthy certified gemmologist.


Each earring weighs about 7.5g, which makes them more of a choice for a special occasion.


You can read more on the HOMUNCULI sterling silver collection and see more characters (including sold ones) here.

Twin Spirits Homunculi

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver
    • Freshwater keshi pearls, natural color
  • Techniques

    • Lost wax
    • Soldering 
    • Oxydation 
    • Polishing
    • Pearl installation (jeweller's epoxy)
  • Edition

    • OOAK
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