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Return Policy

Please note that these policies take into consideration the fact that Catherine Zibo is a self-employment artisanal and artistic enterprise run by one, and only one, person. Thank you for understanding.

Returns and exchanges are only accepted if:

  • the following conditions are met

  • the piece has not been worn, even a single time - only tried on!

  • the piece has its original packaging in the same condition as it has been received by post or in person


An item produced as a small series (please see the item profile) can be shipped back or returned in person in a delay of 7 business days.

Returns are not accepted for one-of-a-kind items, sale items or customized orders. Please consider your purchase thoroughly before placing an order!

In case of doubt, I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter (form at the bottom of the page) or my social media (top of the page) to find out where and when my jewelry will be available for purchase in-person. If you are in Montreal and have the intention to choose from several options, we can schedule an appointment (620 Cathcart at m. McGill / Square Victoria OACI, or 2065 Parthenais at m. Frontenac). 

In any case of doubt, I invite you to contact me directly, so that we might be able to discuss a compromise.



Any jewel can be exchanged for another jewel of the same value or of a higher value (if the piece has never been worn, only tried on). 

The exchange is only possible for another item in stock, and not a commissioned jewel. To proceed to an exchange, we will have to first receive the initial purchase back.



Shipping fees are entirely covered by the client.

Only tracked packages are accepted as a means of shipping an exchange/refund item.


Contact me please, I am almost permanently available by e-mail or social media. I will be happy to answer your questions. I fully understand your concerns as jewelry is something on the more expensive side of online shopping, and shopping these from a standalone site might generate a certain anxiety.
I am open to an honest and well-informed discussion on customizing your shopping experience with me.

As a member of SNAG (North America), CMAQ (Québec, Canada) and a certified specialist of CPAA (North America), as well as a person with a real brick-and-mortar workshop as well as a full-time job in the jewelry field in Montreal, I can offer you transparency of my online affairs and a guarantee that you will be dealing personally with me, be it online or in person.

For any demands or special rates or anything else, please contact me.

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