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A centerpiece of the URBAN collection, this limited edition necklace can vary in length with 89 cm at its maximum.


All pieces of the SEQUENCE are handcrafted. I make links of a chain from a silver wire and solder them one by one. The domes are cut and shaped from sheets of sterling silver, rolling mill-pressed or textured by hammer with the use of findings that leave these industrial-inspired imprints. And of course, that one special link, rough and heavily textured, appears in all types of jewelry I make in the URBAN collection. 


To be honest, this necklace is my personal favorite. It has a life of its own, somewhere between a construction site and a semi-official art space.


  • Materials

    • Sterling silver
  • Techniques

    • Direct work with sterling silver
    • Lost wax
    • Soldering 
    • Stamping
    • Oxydation 
  • Edition

    • Small series
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