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Acephalus is the Latin word for Headless. This character from my series HOMUNCULI (inspired by the folcloric Medieval human-like creatures brought to life by blood and sperm) doesn't have a head, obviously. His two bodies are united at the waist where a huge sapphire cabochon is set.


The pattern created by the body parts of this Homunculus is nevertheless rather abstract. The fact that this pendant is made from two antique doll molds (Frozen Charlotte from my collection) might rest your secret...


You can read more on the HOMUNCULI sterling silver collection and see more characters (including sold ones) here.


When light is shining through it, the central sapphire cabochon shows a fragment of remarkable hexagonal growth banding, typical for these gems.


I set all the three sapphires myself.

Homunculus Acephalus

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver
    • Natural sapphires (a cabochon and two faceted stones)
  • Techniques

    • Lost wax
    • Soldering 
    • Polishing
    • Stone setting
  • Pre-fabricated elements

    • Lobster clasp (sterling silver)
    • Chain
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