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Homunculus (lat.) is a small human-like creature from medieval European alchemy and folklore. It was considered possible to conceive a tiny living man or a woman from blood and sperm.


The human bodyis recreated from a mold of an authentic antique German Frozen Charlotte-type doll from my personal collection (the antiques' dealer stated that it was found during excavations in Thuringia). The head is sculpted by hand in the lower part of the wax model of a molded vine twig from Plateau Mont Royal.


I set myself the tiny faceted garnet in the belly button of this homunculus.


The height of the character is 6cm, and the whole piece weighs almost 30g (solid sterling silver).


You can read more on the HOMUNCULI sterling silver collection and see more characters (including sold ones) here.

Garnet Homunculus

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver
    • Garnet
  • Techniques

    • Lost wax
    • Soldering 
    • Oxydation 
    • Stone setting
    • Polishing
  • Pre-fabricated elements

    • Chain
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