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This brooch is inspired by the old residential streets of New France.


Old working-class neighborhoods have that special, non-glamorous, un-touristy charm. They inevitably go through transformations, but even these can be attractive. 


Something is constantly changing there. The rough textures stand out. Even the construction debris has that special something side by side with the shiny pristine glass-and-concrete buildings. I try to seize the feeling of it.


The piece is fabricated entirely at the bench in my Montreal workshop.

Eye of the street

  • Materials

    sterling silver

  • Techniques

    • Direct work with sterling silver
    • Fusion
    • Forging
    • Soldering
    • Oxydation
    • Polishing
  • Pre-fabricated elements


  • Edition


  • Package options - please note at checkout

    • Logo box - craft paper
    • Black velvet pouch
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