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Hand-carved from jewellers' wax and cast in sterling silver, this ring features a Latin word SALVE which means "welcome" or "hello".


Europeans or people travelling through the continent (or, say, England) might have seen such mosaics or cartouches on late 19th - early 20th century buildings - and of course, ancient examples of such are known.


As I used to live surrounded by architecture of early XX century Art Nouveau, I see a SALVE as something that bears an Art Nouveau esthetic twist. The silhouette of this ring bears this hint.


Non resizeable.


Unlike Salve 1, this ring is hollowed.

Salve 2

  • Materials

    • Sterling silver
  • Techniques

    • Lost wax 
    • Oxydation 
    • Polishing
  • Edition

    2 pieces (a hollow one and a full-silver one)

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