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This deliciously smooth two-pendants-in-one jewel is a part of a limited series meticulously handcrafted in Montreal.


Are you looking forward to a fragrant serving of cappuccino - espresso - cortado to become a bright accent of your day? Do you prefer walking along your favorite street to your office, workshop or classes with a tiny cup, or pick your favorite seat at a cozy local coffee shop to get work done? Is a coffee bean your birthstone as they say? Or maybe you proudly support local small businesses and roasters?


I am just like you, for it all. Diverse and varied coffee routines are an essential part of urban lifestyle here in Montreal. That's why one of the first jewelry projects to turn into a limited edition series, and one of my absolute favorites (I wear mine pretty much every day!) is this grain of coffee. Forget about what they say about how coffee might generate anxiety; this bijou is a perfect remedy. It is smoothly polished on all sides, just rub it between your fingers as often as you need to calm down and get grounded!

Precious Grain

  • Materials

    Sterling Silver

  • Techniques

    • Lost wax
    • Soldering 
    • Oxydation 
    • Polishing
  • Pre-fabricated elements

    • Chain
    • Clasp
  • Edition

    Small series

  • Package options - please note at checkout

    • Logo box - craft paper
    • Black velvet pouch
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