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Part of my ongoing URBAN collection, this pendant is inspired by what I call "phantom ads" and look for them in every city I visit. The faint remnants of paint on the brick walls, announcing the presence of a car dealer, a grocery store, a pharmacy... that is of course no longer there, since many, many years. These signs of the past give another dimension to the city experience and add extra layers to the urban fabric.


The prototype of this pendant is hand-imprinted with a matrix I made from a paper sheet and a set of vintage brass stencil letters I found in a tiny antique store in Ottawa. They have this nostalgic recognizeable feel to them. 


I can reproduce this design in a shiny, non oxidized version - drop me a line!


*Each piece is meticulously crafted at the jewelry bench. They might have minor differences from the photo because of the hand-reproduced nature of jewels.

Phantom Ad

  • Materials

    Sterling silver

  • Techniques

    • Lost wax
    • Soldering
    • Oxidizing
  • Pre-fabricated elements

    • Clasp
    • Chain
  • Edition

    Small series

  • Chain length

    66 cm

  • Package options - please note at checkout

    • Logo box - craft paper
    • Black velvet pouch
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